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Last Years Results

2003 Race Season Results:

First Annual Tri-State Triathlon: (1500 meter, 40k, 10k)

The Men:

Jeremy Mullins: total time 167:57 , place 19

Dave Owens: total time 168:38, place 20

Adam Joseph: total time: 176:28, place: 28

The Ladys:

Staci Aulick: total time 168:56 , place 21

Ronda Bell: total time: 178:04, age group rank: 1, Place: 29

Nancy Henderson: total time of 178:48, age group rank: 2, place: 32

Sprint:(.5M, 40k, 5k)

Dave Meadows: total time 133:06, place 6

Sonia Chambers: total time:143:04, place  2

Diann Nance : total time 149:20, place 22


18th Annual Scenic Mountain Triathlon: (.5M, 17.1M, 6.2M)

The Men:

David MEADOWS: total time: 2:09:00

David OWENS: total time: 2:11:16

Adam Joseph: total time 2:14:35,

Jeremy MULLINS: total time 2:14:02

The Ladys:

Staci D. AULICK: total time 2:07:16

Nancy Henderson: total time 2:14:52, age group rank: 1

Ronda Bell: total time 2:16:06, age group rank: 2

Cheryl Justice: total time 2:33:25

Diann NANCE : total time 2:44:25


Tri-Tech Triathlon/Duathlon Series (Buck Creek) (.5M, 20M, 4M)

Nancy Henderson: age group rank: 3, place: 87, time: 2 :06:16.8, age group rank: 3

Ronda Bell: age group rank: 4, place: 89, time: 2:07:03.3

Cheryl Bentley: place:173, time: 2:27:25.4

Deer Creek Pine Man

Short course:

Sonia Chambers: total time: 3:07:55, first Athena class

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